Supporting the cannabis revolution

Bongger is not only a crypto currency that can be used for purchases, it is also a social project that will aide humanity in many different aspects, as a currency, as an asset and as a funding resource for the cannabis industry. Bongger will provide support and funding for medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural and basic scientific research in the cannabis field through The Bongger Foundation.

Bringing cannabis into the mainstream

Bongger is an open source digital currency, crowd funding platform and charitable organization all rolled up into one determined project with the goal of propelling the cannabis industry into a socially acceptable industry equivalent to and better than the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries combined. We will be able to achieve our goals through community support of Bongger via buying and selling on the exchanges, donations, investments and development of new and unique businesses in the cannabis market.

Having a major impact on the economy

When calculating the potential economic impact of cannabis, traditional methods only consider recreational marijuana sales. In order to fully understand the understatement of these calculations one has to consider all the possible applications of cannabis including recreational, medical, pharmaceutical and materials science applications. These four areas combined, propel the cannabis industry to a 75 billion dollar a year industry just in the next few years and Bongger will be one of the driving forces involved in achieving this goal.

Get invloved!

Get involved in the National and Global legalization of Cannabis. Write or call your local congress men and women. Let them know you support the cannabis movement. Support your local dispensaries and cannabis related businesses. You can also help by buying and holding Bongger or Donating to The Bongger Foundation. Both methods allow The Bongger Foundation to raise capital for supporting and developing cannabis awareness, supporting and developing cannabis research and helping families in need of cannabis treatment get the medications they desperately need.



Use the addresses below to make your contribution and help. If you would like to be mentioned as a donor please include your name and information with your contribution. Each wallet has an area to specify a memo. Place your information there and thanks so much for your generosity.

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