Bongger is a coin for Bonggers and Non-Bonggers! Bongger is an experimental cryptocurrency which is designed to offer a rewards program for miners. Bongger is designed with a fixed amount of maximum coins, and a separate pool of coins which will be used as incentives and rewards to miners who help in the mining of the currency. Approximately 84,000,000 coins will be split amongst users through

various methods and through periodic incentives which reward miners for continued loyalty to this currency. Periodically we will announce campaigns and instructions for getting free coins. Announcements will be made here and in all crypto coin forums. Starting immediately, miners download and begin solo mining this currency or use one of the mining pools available. Join the Bongger fun!


Mining Pools

    Coin Details: Algo  Scrypt - RPC Port 7070 - P2P Port 7071 - Rewards per block 420 Coins - Target per block 42 Seconds - Halving Every 500,001 Blocks - Number of Coins - 504,000,000 Total Coins of Bongger fun! 84,000,000 Coins premine distributed to Bonngers and Non-Bonggers alike! 420,000,000 Coins left for mining!